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Two Ends of a Spectrum: AirBnB Experience

“I am so sorry that your boat broke down! Do you want some water or beer?” Sandra, one of our hosts, asked while she checked my host sister and me in to our room. “Also, I understand that you’re tired, but you should join us for mojito and sunset watching tonight.”

Have your ever heard those words come out of a hotel receptionist? I don’t think so.

AirBnB is more than just a service that connects guests and hosts: It’s a community. Not only does it strive to make you feel at home while you’re away from home, but AirBnB also becomes a platform for travelers to create connections and friendships.

That is one of many reasons I prefer staying at an AirBnB. From my past experiences, my hosts were all amazing. I especially love David and Sandra from my Gili Trawangan AirBnB.

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